Chiropractic Care for Better Workouts

Why You Should Switch Up Your Workouts

When you get into a daily exercise groove, you feel good.  Whether you are heading to the driving range, going for a long run, or cycling, a daily plan for exercise is enjoyable because you know what to expect. Most likely, there won’t be any unexpected surprises or challenges that await you with a daily routine. Routines are comfortable.

What if we told you that your comfortable, predictable exercise routine could be doing you more harm than good when it comes to your physical health. Sure, you’re getting your heart rate up and some type of exercise is better than none. But, did you know that repetitive exercise is actually a leading cause of injury among athletes?

The mechanics of the whole thing are very logical if you sit back and think about it.  If you are doing the same exercise over, and over, and over again—you are using the same muscles over, and over, and over again.

Those muscles get more use than your grandma’s favorite Tupperware. And, just like your grandma’s favorite Tupperware, your overused muscles are going to wear out.

If you aren’t interested in wearing out your good muscles anytime soon, you need to spice up your workouts by adding a little variety. So, if you are a cyclist, take a few days off every week and be sure to incorporate a stretching exercise like yoga.  If you are a tennis player, rest your knees and work on your upper body by lifting weights.  Adding variety to your routine gives your overused muscles a chance to rest and recuperate, creating a lesser chance of injury in the future.

As always, whatever exercise you do be sure that you enjoy it. Because, if you don’t enjoy your exercise you won’t stick with it!