It’s true, the most important relationship in your life, is actually with yourself.  Some may argue otherwise, believing it is with a significant other, children, family, etc.  However, you will never truly know how to love someone else, unless you completely know how to love yourself.


Know your self worth.


We are all worth something.  In most cases, it’s more than you actually believe.  As a physician and clinical nutritionist, I see it on a daily basis.  Patients are constantly adjusting their daily “normal” to the standards of negative people around them.  I’ve seen this in chronic pain patients, depression, patients with chronic fatigue, and anxiety.  I see it everyday.  The negativity of the news and pop culture, unhealthy relationships, straining finances, increased stress, social differences (including religion), jealousy, and economic hardships make life difficult. The negativity is alway easier to see, and the positive aspects of life are often blinded by this new “normal”.  As the stress of life increases, fulfillment of life decreases.

It is important to realize health means more than eating well and maintaining a healthy weight.  Bullying is not healthy. Constant sadness is not healthy.  Anxiety is not healthy.  Chronic pain is not healthy.  These are not healthy, and they don’t have to be considered “normal”.  It is important we learn to recognize this, and learn how to rise above it.

That is exactly why you need to know your self worth.  You are worth more.  You are worth more, AND better.  Set a goal to be positive, and strive to be a good example.  Know your self worth, know you are better (and worth the effort), and strive to meet those goals.


Surround yourself with good people, and set an example for others.


So, what do you need to do?  Take a personal effort to learn these steps, and try to implement them every day.

  • Learn to love yourself.
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • Set an example, and influence others how to love themselves.

If you struggle with loving yourself, start with a healthy lifestyle.  A life full of addictions, stress, and unhealthy choices will only lead to a life of captivity.  Set yourself free with health, and hopefully happiness!

Give yourself an emotional detox, and take a deep breath.  Smile again.  Start with baby steps, and eventually those baby steps will turn into miles.  Always keep moving forward, and strive to be a better you.

People will notice, and they just might try to do the same.