Preventative Chiropractic Care

Why Seeing A Chiropractor Before Pain Starts is a Good Choice

Most people who see a chiropractor do so because they are in pain.  Their back starts aching, they can’t turn their neck, or their legs get stiff and they turn to a chiropractor for help.  Although these are all good reasons to seek care, once the pain is severe, the road to recovery is long and identifying the root cause takes many treatments.  It is in times such as these where people find themselves wishing they sought preventative care. 

 Preventative chiropractic care focuses on maintenance of the body and catching big issues before they become severe.  During preventative care, the doctor assesses the body, focuses on trouble areas, and seeks out any new areas that may be posing an issue.  Preventative care keeps your body running like a well-oiled machine instead of waiting for it to rust before you fix it. 

Preventative Care Can Save You Money

When you focus on preventative care, you have the opportunity to treat each issue before it becomes severe.  And, as we know, severe health issues can be expensive.  If you have severe back, neck, or leg pain and you do not know the root cause, you may have to subject yourself to many costly tests in order to find it.  MRIs, x-rays, and other imaging tests are very costly and are not uncommon in the case of severe pain.  Although seeing a chiropractor weekly, or bi-weekly costs a fee it is small compared to many hospital bills. Additionally, they will be able to identify your regular issues, understand how your body works, and offer specific remedies in the case that your pain gets out of hand or you fall subject to an injury.

Preventative Care Can Treat Chronic Issues

Many people are victims of chronic pain such as migraines and muscular back pain.  In these cases, they often seek the care of a physician and are offered medication as a treatment.  If you suffer from chronic pain, seeing a chiropractor may help.  Many studies have shown that chiropractic care is key in the treatment of regular headaches, body aches, and other chronic pain. Furthermore, if you see a doctor, such as a chiropractor, regularly they may be able to help identify triggers in your chronic pain alleviating much of the issue at hand. 

Preventative Care Keeps You Active

Many athletes suffer from injuries that can keep them off the field, court, or course for too long.  However, with preventative care, the risk of a sports injury can decrease.  Through the constant massaging of your muscles, attention to your painful areas, and the treatment of minor injuries, athletes who receive preventative care find themselves coming back for more because it keeps them active. Doctors who treat athletes preventatively understand what it takes to keep someone in good shape and which areas are vulnerable to injuries based on which sport the athlete plays. 

 If you are interested in saving money, treating chronic pain, or staying active seek a consultation with one of our doctors today!