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Medical Nutrition:

Good nutritional practices have immense power. With issues ranging from sports nutrition to reversing chronic disease, our clients come to us with a range of goals. In turn, our team listens, and then utilizes a combination of advanced nutritional testing, supplement support, and nutritional consultations to ensure clients not only meet but exceed those goals.

Dr. Gerbers specializes in women’s health, including pre and post-natal care and recovery. Specialities also include endocrine system hormone balance, covering conditions often related to women’s health and pregnancy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue and unintentional weight gain.

Weight Loss

Loosing weight can be frustrating. A 3ECW we take a medical approach to weight loss, guiding clients along the way to ensure they not only meet, but also maintain their weight loss goals.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

G.I. disorders often go undiagnosed but can create big problems. With symptoms ranging from intestinal discomfort to upset stomach, 3ECW can target symptoms and prevent G.I. problems from taking over your life.


With the increased abundance of processed and modified foods, toxins are building up in our bodies faster than ever before. 3ECW can provide you with a safe and reliable plan to help meet detoxification goals.

Sports Nutrition

Athletes are dependent on the performance of their bodies, and the best way to regulate that performance is through sports nutrition. Whether it’s a marathon or general fitness, 3ECW can set you up for success.

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